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Pavers And Paving Stones

Pavers and paving stones are essentially the building blocks of any paved surface. Generally, pavers are interlocking, and are installed on top of a hard stone foundation, and a bed of sand which is used to ensure a level surface. Paving stones may differ slightly in the fact that they are made from stone, and may be somewhat different in size.

Often, unlike with tiling for example, pavers are not grouted, but rather sand is poured in between the individual pavers in order to connect them, and produce the final installation.

An Attractive Option

Pavers can make an excellent alternative to poured concrete or asphalt for example. They look fantastic, and are generally made from natural materials. This means that the finished product generally looks superb, and your paved surface will add not just a practical benefit to your property, but visual appeal too.

Most paver and paving stone specialists can offer a wide range of products, and also an affordable installation service.